Ningbo 3A Credit Level Enterprise
Xingci pursues the goal of "perfect" production management
About Us


Ningbo Xingci Thermal Electric Appliances Co.,Ltd was founded in 1988,and integrates R&D and production into one. It is one of the key enterprises and enjoys AAA credit rating in Ningbo City.The company occupy 38000m² and the building occupy 45000m².There are a total of 253 staff.

Thermodynamic Appliance Research Institude is set up under the company and has capabilities to design and develop new products.The mayor products are automotive engine parts such as electronic thermostat,thermostat,temperature-sensing valve,glow plug,water temperature sensor,radiator cap,thermal element and so on.The company also holds the patents on thermostats.....

Research and development status of electronic thermostat (technical requirements)
Technical requirements: 1. The initial opening temperature is 98 + 2 degrees. 2. Full lift: 8 or 113. 3, resistance value: 15.2 + 1.5 ohm. 4, power: 9.5 + 1W. 5, no load life test: 30 thousand times. The temperature of initial opening is less than 2
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